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SMK Victory CR600W .22


SMK Victory CR600W multi shot air rifle .22 caliber. Hardwood stock, grooved for telescopic sight, extremely light weight, carbine length with integral sound moderator. Also comes with loading tray so can be used single shot if required. Utilises one cylinder for shooting and holds another two behind that available to be swapped over.

The great advantage of CO2 air rifles is the fixed barrel which improves accuracy and the lack of any need to perform a spring cocking action after each shot. Simply insert three CO2 capsules (available from us) and screw home the cover and you are ready to go. Open the breech bolt, load a pellet, close the bolt and you're ready to shoot, or fit the magazine (filled first with pellets). Fitted with a safety catch., Note that no telescopic sight or mounts are included with this rifle and are extra cost.