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Daystate Renegade HR *Huma Regulated*


Building on the standard Renegade’s Slingshot air release, the Renegade HR’s controlled air metering flattens out the power curve, so the velocity of the last shot in the rifle’s charge will be the same as the first… as will every single one between! And, of course, the improved accuracy and greater shot-count synonymous with regged PCPs are also benefits offered in the HR model.
Both models come dressed in an ergonomic, ambidextrous stock featuring fully-adjustable butt pad, drop-down pistol grip and forend accessory rail, while the Renegade’s sidelever-cocked action runs Daystate’s tried-and-tested 10-shot, auto-loading magazine – but a single-shot loading tray can be fitted for competition work if preferred.
A fully-shrouded barrel with threaded muzzle, in-guard safety catch and reach-forward intermount with anti-cant bubble complete what’s been heralded as a totally new breed of high-performance precharged pneumatics.